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On the scene of GDC 2013, the chief of the World of Warcraft designer Cory Stockon share the game achievement system since 2008, the achievements: To date, the total number of all World of Warcraft players in the game’s achievements over 13 billion per unlock achievements for the number of about 8.7 million.

Cory Stockon: World of Warcraft’s achievements system is not just a badge of honor for the players to prepare, they also guide the player to explore the game to new content and be able to encourage the players in different ways to the new area for more WOW Gold, or is a return to an underground city. This achievement system designed to follow a set of principles: optional; does not reward high-speed upgrade or bad playing habits; should be as simple as possible, and be able to expand the gaming experience. We do not want the players to think they need to get some achievements, Cory Stockon explained: server first kill limit achievement completed once the players have missed, will never be able to obtain, allowing the player to see this list of achievements is very disappointing, therefore, before the players get these achievements, they will not appear in the list.

Popular World of Warcraft, one of the highest achievements of that train king of the challenge: requires the player to kill 50 gregarious young dragon in 15 seconds, nearly 11 million players around the world to unlock the award. Time consuming super higher difficulty Insane in the Membrane achievement winners are about 7 million people.

Relative to the World of Warcraft 9.6 million players, only a handful of game achievements winner, such as Panda Man of Mystery raid achievements Panda Leah team’s glory, the winner of this achievement until February this year, only 342 rarest achievements worldwide than Legendary Pet Brawler achievements: since September 2012, with the Panda mystery with implanted since the game itself, to February 2013, worldwide, only one player gained this achievement: unlock conditions win 5000 games PvP pet Battle. 

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