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As we all know, Blizzard Azeroth left corner to commemorate the number of real-world players and Blizzard deceased employees eggs.Although most of them are due to leave the real world misfortune, but Blizzard has given birth in their eternal game

Rick Hunter Iloilo

Jinxiu Gu Wen Road Block of the existence of such a lonely NPC, the hunter named Rick Iloilo stood silently, map reading to proceed on .2013 New Year’s day, only 29 years old, he died because of an asthma attack .His friends and where the Association La Familia De Stonewall players to cherish the memory of him in the game, held a major blessing ceremony, the event was made into a movie that people on Youtube.The role of the image to read the map also Blizzard intentional, because Michael will always be lost in the game, every time he would draw a map backpack careful study.

Owen’s Wishing Well

Owen’s Wishing Well is located in the emerald forest, you will find this mouthful of a wishing well in the depths of the jungle, if dropping coins into the water, players will be able to get a vow called the BUFF.This Wishing Well Blizzard players to commemorate the 16 -year-old Brian Wicks was built, this 8 -year-old player from the start WoW, also through a dream come true Foundation visited Blizzard headquarters.Brian Wicks died in 2012 due to bone cancer, died just before his parents showed him Mists of Pandaria beta version of this wishing well .Brian Wicks life half of the time dedicated to World of Warcraft, and his name will remain forever in the world of Azeroth.

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