World of Warcraft Universe

Posted: 12th March 2014 by sky shine in Other Games
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Objects of power are always a pivotal aspect of any good story. But what if that object of power wasn’t quite what you’d expect. Rather than an ominous skull or finely honed soul-stealing sword, it was something a bit less ominous and more random seeming. Perhaps it’s a Kaja’Cola of wisdom, or pet rock, or any number of seemingly harmless common items that aren’t so common after all or maybe it’s truly just a common item, and your character is just a touch mad after all… What will you think up?

The Scene:  Anywhere within the World of Warcraft Universe.
Your Role:  Tell the tale of a seemingly meaningless/common item that ends up having a much bigger role or (seeming role) within the grand scheme of things.

The rules:You must keep your tale to one post.
It must take place within the World of Warcraft Universe
No known items of power (no Skulls of Gul’dan etc). The story must be based around a common item.
You may not kill main characters (unless they’re dead already in the lore).
Have fun (it’s not a competition). Make us- the readers- experience it all through you via sight, sound, and perhaps even taste if you like.

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