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The 5.2 patch will remove all PvP gear 2200 match the level of demand, and this made the top-notch equipment requirements will be: to obtain WOW Gold during the season. Although the high level of matching World of Warcraft players will continue to get faster equipment, but the original 2200 match grade invisible barriers no longer exist.

The 5.3 patch, all is not launched at the beginning of the new season, the patch can allow World of Warcraft players to skip season conquer points 27000 points directly buy weapons Conquest Points. The reason we relax this condition to the middle of the season, the previous restrictions have played a role. It needs to be noted that if you want to buy elite armor and weapons, you still need to meet the season made 27,000 Conquest Points conditions.

About absolute power equipment, we are adjusting the level of the new PvP gear, PvP strength and toughness. The hope is that the gap between the vicious and elite tyrannical Gladiator equipment and maintain a similar level of terror and Vicious Gladiator equipment gap this season. In this way, by adding medium-grade PvP gear can help us to solve the problem of the disparity in power. At the same time, reached the World of Warcraft players of the season, the demand for money has also been more choice and flexibility. World of Warcraft players can choose to use the the Honours equipment to buy tyrannical Gladiator equipment, used to try a variety of attributes configuration and specialization.

From the mid-PvP World of Warcraft players are obviously at a disadvantage on the equipment. Although we never want throughout exposure to feel that their input should return to the World of Warcarft player of the season, we do agree with some of the World of Warcraft players complained about the medium-term it is too difficult to start. Overall, we hope that these changes to give PvP bring more vigor and more intense competition. At the same time, reduced equipment gap between the World of Warcraft players and the World of Warcraft players are still struggling to crawl ladder with high matching level; Try a different occupation or specialization opportunities and give World of Warcraft players more. 

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