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Presumably various squatting the rare elite players always more or less come across this problem: until finally strange refresh the results are not careful they step slower, had to watch as rare by others to kill.

This embarrassment will be resolved in a WOW 5.2. In line with the principle of Every one saw and kill monsters were WOW 5.2, as long as the players involved in kill rare and strange, and strange process of special tasks, even if it is only touched the strange look for WOW Gold, you will get a separate pickup opportunities, whether there is to team up with others. You’re not wrong, independent pickup opportunities.

Rare elite and the specific tasks blame blood will change according to the number of people involved in the Kills, each one more monster’s blood will be automatically raised by 50%, even if it is someone halfway involved in the life of the monster the value will also be changed immediately.

Obviously, the blizzard’s intention is to make a concerted effort to kill monsters together. Independently fall also solve some players worried about what you want others Roll embarrassing to go. However, I am afraid that this set make some the speculators Jianlou sub, beat strange, then stood next to wait for someone to kill, the results can also pick up. Do not know the future will appear similar to the amount of time do not attack the monster loot will automatically lose rights monster blood is then reduced by 50% make it easier for others to kill this setting? 

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