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Posted: 16th July 2013 by admin in World of Wracraft
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Beyond “friendly” and “fun” lies a whole range of social groups from the casually broad to the incredibly specific. Ask yourself if you’d enjoy being exposed to people from a variety of places and backgrounds or whether you’d prefer to tuck in with other players like you.
Guide to choosing WoW guild types DNP
Social niches If you feel more comfortable with other players like you, you can find guilds of all types in Azeroth: all-male or all-female guilds, LGBT-friendly groups on Proudmoore (US) and Nordrassil (EU), politically minded groups, players from a specific city or region, real-life friends, groups with specific age ranges (30somethings with careers, college students, etc.), and even professional/career interest groups (such as players who are members of the military or firefighters/police).
Tolerance Some guilds aim to offer tolerance and non-discrimination at the broadest level. Try Civility of Nordrassil (US-Alliance).
Disability-friendly If you move more slowly or are working around other disabilities, look for an accommodating guild that welcomes disabled players. Try Direhunt, a RP-encouraged group on Wyrmrest Accord (US-Horde-RP).
Themed guilds Looking for an interesting guild concept? Guilds exist with memberships that are all gnomes, all rogues, all dwarves, or all druids.
Get professional Enjoy the heck out of your professions? Try Silent Thunder on Baelgun (US-Alliance).
Not the chatty type You’d be surprised at the number of players who just don’t like voice chat for one reason or another. If this is you, be sure the guild you’re applying for doesn’t require voice chat for certain activities or for raiding.
Re-rollers If you’d like to make a fresh start with other players in similar straits, try Rising on The Venture Co. (US-Alliance).
In service to the community If lending a helping hand makes you happiest, consider Salvation on Moon Guard (US-Alliance) or The Bearers of Light, also on Moon Guard (US-Alliance).
WoW Insider readers Join other WI fans in It came from the Blog for special events (many times alongside WI staffers) or The Insiders for ongoing social play on Zangarmarsh (US-Horde).
Game of Thrones fans Yes, you can even find a guild for the Stark clan! Try The Winds of Winter on Kil’jaeden (US-Horde-PvP), founded by Kristian Nairn (Game of Thrones’ Hodor). 

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