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Posted: 23rd July 2013 by admin in World of Wracraft
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Alliance vs Horde. It’s a choice we’ve all made. Most of the guildies I’ve played with on Alliance are “mostly alliance” meaning that while they may have made a horde character at some point during their WoW adventure, they’ve never really played them, and even I have had a blood elf hunter who has been stuck at level 24 for months, never being played.
As buddies we decided that we would collaborate fully with each other on professions, and pick complementary ones to support one another, as none of us had higher level Horde characters from which to draw. (My lvl 24 hunter being the exception – who had no more than 4 copper ore to her name and about 10 gold – and I promptly made her my bank alt, parked in Orgrimmar so that we could send the excess from our tiny bags to her if necessary).

The next logical step for us of course was forming our own guild. Two more of our Alliance guild suddenly came out of the woodwork, and dusted off some old horde characters in the 40-50 level range and came to join us, and as a mirror image of Enter the Fury, Enter The Baboons was born! (The baboon reference is an inside joke in the guild). Another guildie hearing of the fun we were having promptly joined up too, and leveled an Orc, and started running dungeons with us too.

How awesome to have the option to play with the same people you know and enjoy playing with, on either faction! Alliance vs Horde is no longer an issue, as long as you have your guildies with you.

At one point – one of our higher level horde characters was trying to get to us in Eversong Woods, and couldn’t remember how to get there from Orgrimmar and we were all trying to come up with a plan, when it struck me, and so I said in game, “Oh my god you guys, you realise what this means? We’re Horde NOOBS!” Which would have been a great title for a blog post 

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