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Posted: 24th July 2013 by admin in World of Wracraft
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Seeds of the vegetable, Blossom Tree, and special variety can be purchased from Merchant Greenfield who is located in Halfhill Market. Seeds can be purchased for a few silver or gold a piece. As more reputation is earned with the Tillers, more seed types will become available. Seeds can stack up to 50 in your bags making transporting them easier than ever. As you earn Friendship and reach Best Friends rank with some of the Tiller’s, they may send you gifts of free seeds that will show up in your mailbox. Seeds can also sometimes be harvested from grown crops.

Seed Bags
Also available from Merchant Greenfield are two types of Seed Bags. While not a necessary investment, Seed Bags are useful if you are planning on planting large amounts of crops (30 or more). Not only do they make planting faster, but they can actually be cheaper than buying the equivalent volume of seeds. Instead of paying cash to Merchant Greenfield, you can also choose to purchase Seed Bags from his assistant, Milly Greenfield, for the price of 30 of the seed type which the bag will plant.

Unusual Seeds
Ominous Seed – These seeds are very uncommon and can only be occasionally harvested alongside a vegetable crop. These seeds can be replanted and will produce a Terrible Turnip minipet.
Unstable Portal Shard – Introduced in Patch 5.1, these seeds are sold by Barnaby Fletcher who can sometimes be found at the Halfill Market. Costing 3 gold each, these seeds require you first complete a short quest chain from Merchant Greenfield that is only available to those Revered with the Tiller faction. Portal Shards should be planted like normal seeds, however, tending the newly planted Shard can be hazardous as it causes a level 90 Rift Stalker to appear. After defeating the Rift Stalker, Portal Shards grow just like any other plant. Harvesting the plant will grant a city-specfic portal shard according to your faction. Which city your shard is attuned to is totally random. Shards can only be used once and can only be used on Sunsong Ranch. 

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