WOW Cute But Deadly

Posted: 26th July 2013 by admin in World of Wracraft
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WOW Cute But Deadly
Here is a list of what is covered under the patent for Cute But Deadly:
“Printed matter, namely, paper goods, comic books, trading cards, milk bottle caps, coloring books, adhesive stickers, rub-on transfers, notebooks, stationery-type portfolios, paper kits; and paper crafts which are cut-out and then folded to create a final 3 dimensional object, posters, art books, guide books, pop-up books, calendars, pencil cases, novelty books”
Cute But Deadly: Blizzard
“Clothing, namely, pajamas, hats, sweatshirts, t-shirts, shirts, shoes, jackets, shorts, socks, and sweaters… Toys and games, namely, action figures, collectible figures, vinyl figures, capsule toys, statues, plush dolls, plush toys, board games”

Blizzard Entertainment filed a trademark application for the term “Cute But Deadly,” which has spawned wild speculation over all gaming sites as to what it could possibly be. The patent covers a range of products, but to be certain: a game is not one of them.

So what will it be?
Obviously Cute But Deadly will be a product line for children. It could be that Blizzard wants to reel them in young, but I am going to go ahead and guess that it is something that that will appeal to adults as well… something that you can give to your kids and be proud they are playing with/wearing/chewing on items from your favorite hobby. I spent like 30 bucks on a Metalica onesie for my unborn niece once… I can totally see myself forcing that same niece to play a Blizzard Cute But Deadly board game… 

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