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Posted: 27th June 2013 by admin in World of Wracraft
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Farming is a good way for players to make wow gold, some players just make their wow gold by farming the mobs. However, there are more than thousands of mobs in the game, what mobs should we farm if we want to make some easy wow gold?
1. Find some easy mobs with good loot. If you’re either higher level than the mobs or you’re playing a paladin character, you should be able to kill lots of mobs at the same time. The trick is to find lots of mobs gathered in the same area, or to find mobs with a high respawn rate.

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2. Take trash mobs in dungeons. You can solo most of the lower level dungeons, even though you might not be able to kill the bosses. That doesn’t matter for this purpose. There are lots of non-elite mobs in the dungeons, if you know where to find them. And even among the elite, there are some that are easier to kill than others. Those so-called ‘trash-mobs’ will drop a lot of silver, cloth and gear, and they can make you a lot of easy wow gold in a short period of time.
3. Sneak in and kill the bosses in low-level dungeons. You don’t have to be a rogue to pass lower level mobs. They will not notice you, if the difference of level between you is sufficiently high. Just aim directly at the bosses, kill, loot, get out of there, and reset the dungeons. This trick works especially well, if you’re able to disenchant the blue or purple items, or if you’re grouped with somebody who can. This other person should not go into the dungeon with you, though, because that would mean that you have to share your gains with him.
4. Know where to find the mobs that drop what you’re after. If you’re after Mageweave cloth, it will not help you to farm Westfall. You should know what you can suspect, before you spend time, travelling to a distinct area.
5. Farm rare drops from specific mobs. You can loot nice recipes or other items, if you know which mobs that will drop them on occasions. Not only will these object make you a lot of gold, but you’ll surely also loot a lot of silver directly from the mobs, as well as green items and cloth.   Hope the above tips will make some sense for you. If you have no time to farm the wow gold, you can just order some from We always offer the cheapest and safest wow gold with fast delivery. 

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