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Posted: 1st July 2013 by admin in World of Wracraft
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Picking a realm is the first choice you will make after installing World of Warcraft

on your computer. Folks have plenty of different opinions about which realm type

provides the best WoW experience. It’s almost a personal religion for some players.

The final decision about what you prefer will, of course, be up to you.

In World of Warcraft, there are four different kind of realms for you to choose from:

PVE, PVP, RP and RP-PVP. Confused? Don’t worry, that’s why we’re here to help. You

can choose to play all four ream types, if you’d like, although each character can

only belong to one realm at a time. Plenty of players have characters on multiple

realms; these players go to a PVE realm when they’re in that mood and flip over to a

PVP realm when they want a tussle.

Player versus Environment (PVE)
On a PVE realm, you are never forced into a player-versus-player situation. If you

choose, you can activate your PVP flag, which will allow the opposing faction to

attack you. That is strictly optional.

If you are looking to enjoy a leisurely grind and don’t want to deal with the war in

Warcraft, then roll on this kind of realm. You may still PVP in Battlegrounds, so the

PVP aspect of the game is not completely lost — it is just controlled and tightly


Player versus Player (PVP)
A PVP realm is exactly like a PVE realm in almost every way. Same dungeons, spells,

mobs and areas. Even the same Battlegrounds. The only difference? Once you leave

territories controlled by your faction, you are fair game for PVP.

In the starting areas, you are protected and your PVP flag is off. Once you leave the

starting areas, however, you can be attacked anywhere, at any time. To a lot of

players, this adds to the excitement of the grind. However, there are some things you

should consider.

You will get ganked. A level 35 can kill a level 24 on sight, and it is his right to

do so. A level 60 will sneak to a newbie zone and destroy any level 10 who turned on

his PVP flag. You will hear the philosophy “if it’s red, it’s dead” thrown about a

bit. Players of the opposing faction have their names in red when flagged for PVP, so

if someone sees another player with a red name, they will frequently be killed

regardless of level or situation.

Don’t ever expect a fair fight. If you are engaged on two mobs, don’t expect the

other players to show you mercy. If members of the opposing faction sees you in that

vulnerable position, they could very well take advantage.

How to choose your specific realm
Once you know what kind of realm you want, choose which specific realm you want. Some

realms have been around since launch, have tons of guilds in the high-end raid

dungeons and are bursting at the seams with players. Other realms are newer, have

fewer raiding guilds and have rather sparse populations. Most realms are somewhere in

between. How do you discover which realms are which?
One of the best ways to get started in the very beginning is to let the game itself

recommend your first realm. Once there, start looking around the official forums and

recruitment spots like The Classifieds. Find guilds and recruiters who are looking

for newer players. These are likely your best places to really dig into the game.

You will get camped. Someone 15 levels above you will sit on your body and kill you

again and again. This doesn’t happen all the time or even a majority of the time, but

it does happen. Is that person being a bit of a jerk? Probably. Is it within the

rules of a PVP server? Absolutely. Will you get anywhere by complaining about it in

the chat channels or forums? No.

Camping and ganking are all part of the WoW PVP server experience. The guy who is

ganking you was probably ganked a thousand times on his way to 60. Don’t let that

scare you off from a PVP server. Once you get in a guild, you can call some friends

to help you when you are being camped.

Roleplay (RP)
These servers are exactly like PVE servers, except there is roleplaying. Actually,

the majority of the people on RP servers are there to enhance escapism and avoid the

majority of joke names and out-of-game references.

These servers are the place to find like-minded roleplayers. If you want to portray a

Dwarf during your interactions with others, these are the realms for you. This is

where you can tell stories, act in character, and find other players to engage in RP.

Roleplay Player versus Player (RP-PVP)
Finally, we have the most rare choice, the RP-PVP realm. These servers are exactly

like a PVP server in every way, except it is also a role playing server. You can both

roleplay with other folks and engage in all the exciting action from a PVP realm.

As you progress in your expertise and levels, you’ll get a more refined idea of what

you’re after. Don’t be afraid to try out different realms and different guilds;

eventually, you’ll find the right niche for you.

It is a little footwork
Jumping around realms and guilds definitely involves a little footwork. But, if you

do a little research, you will be much happier with your realm choice in the long

Good luck starting your WoW life! 

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