WOW is moving quickly toward retirement

Posted: 15th July 2013 by admin in World of Wracraft
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Blizzard is one of the last studios running a major, subscription-only MMO game. World of Warcraft is a money factory that Electronic Arts and a number of other publishers failed to replicate. At this point, it seems that either WOW is a relic of another age in which customers were willing to pay a monthly fee, or the market can only support one massive subscription-based MMO at a time.
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It’s likely that Blizzard is struggling with that question, but for the sake of Activision’s bottom line, the next game has to succeed. Whether that means it’s another sub-based MMO or some take on free-to-play, the company needs another big hit similar in scale to WOW.

Blizzard generates nearly all of its cash from just three properties, but as popular as StarCraft and Diablo are, they don’t produce numbers like WOW. The company even tried to introduce a lot of real-money elements into Diablo to make it more like its popular MMO. The epitome of those mechanics is Diablo III’s real-money auction house, which didn’t catch on and even turned off a lot of the series’ fans.

Activision really needs Titan to replicate WOW’s financial success, so if that means delaying Titan until it is perfect, that’s probably the smartest move it can make. Blizzard still generates a ton of buzz around its new games, so it’ll attract an audience. That means it just needs to develop something that can retain those users.

In the meantime, WOW is moving quickly toward retirement — and those are some legendary boots Titan will have to fill. 

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