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With the approaching of the 5.2 patch, I’ve been thinking about what things should be in the patch before the launch of WOW Gold. There is no need to catch up with the forces of prestige; What currency should spend what equipment or upgrade; well as before and after the launch in the patch should do things to make the game I invested time produce the most benefits? I mentioned below than what the golden rule, but the players to pay close attention to the launch of the new patch to provide some reference.

Let’s start from lightning Throne: If you want the difference in PvE progress, to enter and get through this copy will be the goal of all PVE players. This copy is located the new lightning island, players can get there through the portal where the mantis plateau west coast camp where ShadowPan. After the World of Warcraft 5.2 patch on line, you will automatically receive a mission to take you there. So you need not now a pen to write down this information.

In the 5.2 patch, lightning throne will is a very continuity and team super broad huge underground city. Each difficulty will gradually open up in the unlock conditions are ripe. Normal difficulty will be open in the first week, the Heroic Difficulty open in the second week. Random team will as usual be divided into several areas and the gradual opening up. The first area is likely in the second week with the opening of the Heroic difficulty to unlock After this, we hope the week to open a regional. As there are always some unexpected situation, the patch launch time is uncertain.

Want to get into the lightning throne random team underground city you need to reach the 480 item level. Your account, you can login at the official website of the World of Warcraft in the upper right corner of the search box to search your role to quickly find your item level. That huge numbers are displayed in the upper right corner of the role of the screen is your item level. You can also open the role of advanced data within the game to find your item level. 

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