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Posted: 13th July 2013 by admin in World of Wracraft
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Use a damage meter. I know. I advise against addons all the time, since I believe they turn into a crutch that retards your skills. I carefully caveat that idea, though; some areas of the game absolutely demand addons, because Blizzard provides no functionality for those portions. Damage meters are an example of that.
A neophyte asking a vet for help
While I loathe the DPS-obsessed mentality you usually find on the official forums, the fact of the matter is that you can’t improve your damage if you don’t know what it is in the first place. Nothing in the game tells you what your damage is like, and how can you improve it if you can’t see it in the first place? Without a damage meter, a mage auto-firing a wand could darn well believe he’s doing top DPS. While I caution you not to develop damage meter tunnel vision, you should have an idea of your numbers in the first place.

Click targets to reduce accidents. Everyone knows you can just hit Tab to target. Slapping Tab quickly lets you cycle through enemy targets fast. The only problem is that it’s easy to too tab too quickly and accidentally pull extra enemies.

Click targeting will clean that up. Depending on your speed with the mouse, you won’t lose much DPS time by click targeting instead of using Tab. However, even if you lose a second or so while click targeting your enemy, it will definitely be safer.

That being said, of course, tabbing when all the local mobs are already aggro is just fine.

Item levels count. In general, gear has two scales of quality. Green, blue, and purple is one scale, while raw item level is the other scale. As a general rule, gear is always better with a higher item level. Purple gear is the best within the same tier of item level, while green is the worst. When in doubt, you usually want to go with the highest item level possible.

Dying isn’t much of a penalty. Don’t be afraid to die. It’s disappointing, and you can accrue some very mild repair costs. But especially as a lower-level player, don’t be afraid to die. Some of the best moments in the game come when you say, “I can’t believe I lived through that,” and you can’t get to those moments without risking death. 

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