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Posted: 26th June 2013 by admin in World of Wracraft
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The NDA on the Mists of Pandaria press tour is finally lifted so you could read a tons of information in the last two days. Unfortunately, only a few professions were covered in the interviews.

One change which is not really profession related is the AoE looting, I’m really excited about this because it will make farming cloths in instances a lot easier.

UPDATE: You can see the AoE looting in action. It’s awesome.
General Changes

Archaeology: There will be many new artifacts to discover in Pandaria, and the new Lorewalker faction will allow you to learn about the Pandaren’s culture in-depth–should make Archaeology feel like less of an impersonal grind. Players will present an artifact to the Lorewalkers in their grand library, and they’ll be treated to a presentation on the library’s stage. As for the existing races and artifacts, there are plans to tie the Lorewalkers into discovering these artifacts as well.

Cooking: There are now multiple different cooking specializations; steaming, frying, broiling. Each is related to one of the primary stats, like Agility. Dedicated players can learn all specializations for additional achievements. When you level one of the specializations to 600, you are able to make all of the feasts.

Inscription: The Prime Glyph category is now removed. There will be more of an emphasis on cosmetic glyphs in the minor slots. Inscription may get something new, like a staff that you upgrade as you level inscription. This will combat the fatigue that comes from creating hundreds of glyphs to level.

The Tillers faction will let you run your own farm! The farmer’s market will provide daily quest to improve your farm every day, you will be able to clear plots of land and plant things like cooking ingredients, herbalism nodes, gifts for NPCs to build your reputation… etc.

New Glyphs

Here’s a list of some of the new glyphs:

Minor glyph that gives Eye of Kilrogg the ability to place your Demonic Circle at the cost of stealth.
Minor glyph that gives felguard with a random two-handed sword, two-handed axe, or polearm when you summon him.
A new minor glyph that allow druids to have a random coloring in cat and bear form has been added.
A new minor glyph that allow druids to stay in tree form has been added.
A new minor glyph that changes a druid’s aquatic form into a Orca has been added.
A new minor glyph that changes a druid’s travel form into a white stag has been added. Other players can ride you while in this form.
A new minor glyph that changes a druid’s moonkin form into a moonkin spirit has been added. 

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