Wow Preventing Guild Bank Theft

Posted: 19th July 2013 by admin in World of Wracraft
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The items in a guild bank can represent a great deal of work on the part of all the members of a guild, and the loss of these items can be a big blow to the guild members. To protect your items, there are a few simple steps you can take:
Make sure your lowest rank (the one players default into when you invite them into the guild) has little or no access to the guild bank. This will prevent a newly invited player from being able to take a bunch of items and leave.
Be sure to limit who can promote characters in the guild to people you know and trust very well. Laying down ground rules on promotions, and being sure anyone with the ability to promote can be trusted to follow those rules will further go a long way in protecting your items (especially when combined with rank by rank permissions).
When inviting a character that is an “alt” of a current member, make sure you verify that this character really is an “alt” by either getting the name from the current member while they are on the character already in the guild, or by having them log into the character they already have in the guild before promoting the alt (the alt can be promoted while offline, so all you need to do is invite it into the no access rank and have them swap characters).

Above all, use common sense. The guild bank is the responsibility of the guild leader and it may not be possible for the Game Master staff to recover losses that occur from someone removing items that their current permissions allow them to take.
NOTE: You can find more information on configuring your guild bank permissions, and setting up guild ranks in this Knowledge Base.

It is also possible to mandate certain ranks be required to have an authenticator if desired. This is recommended for anyone with bank access. If an authenticator is added to an account, or a character is newly joined to a guild, it will take approximately 72 hours before they can be promoted to a rank requiring the account have an authenticator and this is on a per character basis. 

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