WOW Prices Will Go Down

Posted: 26th July 2013 by admin in World of Wracraft
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WOW Prices Will Go Down
This is one of the more reasonable theories.  Blizzard is paying attention and they do see the outcry.  Eventually, the price of these items should go down.  Even if they just go down to $10 each, the prices will drop.  I would prefer to see them being bundles together and sold at the $15 mark.  I don’t see that happening, though.

Complete The Set

Well, now that you’ve purchased your helm, you’re going to want to complete the set.  Let’s say the price of the helms stays at $15.  Each piece that comes out – legs, boots, shoulders, and so on – will more than likely share the same price point.  Helm owners, do you want to complete your set?

I love the theory that the legs, boots, shoulders, helm, and gloves will all share a price point of $15, but the chest – to complete your set – will be $50.  Could you imagine the anger following that announcement?

What would make you angrier though?  Purchasing the entire set off of the cash shop – whether the $50 chest happens or not – or being able to grind out the rest of the set in game.  Picture this for a second, you’ve spent weeks grinding out this amazing transmog set only to realize that you need to spend $15 to purchase the matching helm.  I almost would be more choked if this were the case – regardless of the fact that I turn my helm off anyways.

What Are Your Opinions?

I really would like to hear what you think.  Don’t hold back, how angry are you?  Are you that angry where you’ve been harassing another player for displaying his newly purchased helm?  Those of you who have purchased a helm – or are planning to – did you feel any of this anger at all or do you just not care?

Just keep in mind that no one is forcing you to purchase a transmogable helm for real money.  If you do not want one, then don’t purchase one.  As of right now, it’s really that simple. 

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