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Posted: 20th July 2013 by admin in World of Wracraft
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If you saw the previous installments in this little fictive game Anne and I are playing, you know the score. You take an unlikely character from Warcraft lore (they have to be alive as of the time of the writing) and you speculate on how you could build an expansion pack around that person. I went first, so I got to pick Velen for myself and gave Anne Alexstrasza, and she retaliated by handing me Shandris Feathermoon. And if you know me, you know I happen to think Shandris is a heck of a character and I’d love to see her get used more. But how do we even conceive of an expansion with Shandris as the main antagonist? Note, I didn’t say villain.
What if Rage of the Kaldorei
Shandris Feathermoon has been through a lot over the past ten thousand years. A child when the Burning Legion first came to Azeroth, she lost her family and indeed her very home village to the Legion. Effectively ‘adopted’ by Tyrande, Shandris grew up with a bow in her hand, and following the Legion’s defeat she became leader of the Sentinels, the Kaldorei military, when her erstwhile paramour Jarod Shadowsong, who had led the night elves in battle against the Legion, turned his back on their people and walked away. Not Shandris – she has spent the past ten thousand years defending the night elves of Kalimdor. And at present, Kalimdor has become a very hostile place for the night elves.

Shandris as an antagonist works if we remember the following salient facts.

As general of the Sentinels, she’s been forced to defend the night elves as they’ve come under increasing pressure from the Horde.
Shandris is unshakably loyal to Tyrande. Specifically, Tyrande.
Tyrande’s actions have made Shandris’ task significantly harder. Her freeing Illidan cost the lives of several of the Wardens guarding his cell and started Maiev Shadowsong onto the path of insanity that cost the night elves their best spies and assassins right when they were needed. Then her diffidence in confronting the Horde threat in Ashenvale (caused in part by Malfurion Stormrage’s return and assumption of ‘co-leader’ status) only made things worse.

Following all of this with the recent Horde civil war and the Siege of Orgrimmar, and yet what happens? The Horde retains the lands it stole from the Kaldorei, and even gets to appoint a new Warchief, thanks to the actions of the human king that Tyrande is now also deferring to, instead of leading. Shandris is no racist, but she is a night elf, and has over ten thousand years of life experience, yet she’s expected to allow the Horde to continue to exist because someone who will die before he’s even one hundred is telling her to do so? 

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