Wow The High Elves

Posted: 17th July 2013 by admin in World of Wracraft
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The High Elves

Wow High Elves
You have to feel bad for these guys. They’re descended from the horrible elves led by Queen Azshara who allowed the Burning Legion to come to Azeroth and sunder the world. Then 90% of their race is brutally murdered during the Third War. After that, all but ~25,000 of the survivors go off and become Blood Elves who then join the Horde. Talk about a horrible history. Those who stayed true to their heritage seek refuge and work with the Alliance in hopes to one day rebuild and become something relevant once again.

While you’re busy storming Lei Shen’s Isle of Thunder, getting better at your spec, or lagging out while hundreds of people attempt Oondasta, some World of Warcraft players are looking towards the future. Following the usual trend, we should be getting the announcement of a brand new expansion pack at Blizzcon this year. That means it’s time for speculation! Where will we go? Who will we fight? Will there be a new class? How about some races?

Yes, how about some races? There are plenty that make sense to add to both Alliance and Horde in terms of the on-going story. Today we have ten new World of Warcraft races listed that should be added to either one of the factions or be made a neutral selection, ala Pandaren.

While it is certain that High Elves would be Alliance, I can’t say for certain that they would be added right now. It has been some time since the Third War and no doubt the High Elves have gone up in population but is it enough to send people out to war? I also see an opportunity to include the High Elves as a new World of Warcraft race along with introducing a new ranged-based “hero class”. While magic used to be a huge part of the High Elf way they have tried to suppress it after what the Highborne did in the past and instead have clung to the legacy that Vereesa Windrunner has made. If they wanted to get back out in the field to either rejoin society or find retribution, I could see a new ranged-based hero class being marketed with High Elves. 

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