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Posted: 17th July 2013 by admin in World of Wracraft
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The Jinyu
Wow Jinyu race
These fishy friends are found all over Pandaria and are the yin to the Horde’s yang, err… Hozen. The Jinyu are in an eternal conflict with their monkey neighbors and the Alliance comes along to give them aid and help push back both them and their new found allies in the Horde.
While you’re busy storming Lei Shen’s Isle of Thunder, getting better at your spec, or lagging out while hundreds of people attempt Oondasta, some World of Warcraft players are looking towards the future. Following the usual trend, we should be getting the announcement of a brand new expansion pack at Blizzcon this year. That means it’s time for speculation! Where will we go? Who will we fight? Will there be a new class? How about some races?

Yes, how about some races? There are plenty that make sense to add to both Alliance and Horde in terms of the on-going story. Today we have ten new World of Warcraft races listed that should be added to either one of the factions or be made a neutral selection, ala Pandaren.
As you go through the questlines with the Jinyu, the race increasingly becomes more and more happy with the Alliance and even begin to don some of their armor and weapons. It almost makes sense to patch them in during Mists but of course that would never happen. I see no reason why the Jinyu wouldn’t have joined the Alliance following the events of MoP. 

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