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In the Guild Wars 2 of the world contains a lot of Activities Activities. This means, the player can do whatever you want to buy Guild Wars 2 Gold, and not to tube game story line or their own role, and the progress of each other without any conflict. These activities just for fun and Xiao sent. Let players in tired of [play blame, dismissal, fighting, life skills when, still can go to do something different feelings, in the same game in the world with your partners common group or against each other for leisure activities.

In the Guild Wars 2 , players also can have the choice. In five optional race in the capital, you can find a lot of interesting leisure activities, these leisure activities are very unique, they are the small game, the game includes many aspects of the game style. If you want to in the skill tests to prove that you can fight against others. Yes, the guild wars 2 already has. Is there a competitive team of small game. Yes, the Guild Wars 2 also had. Is there a completely free not control little game. That’s right. You’d better believe in the guild wars 2 inside. Whether the player’s interest is what, you can find attract your activities, and the most important is to these activities will not because the player’s level is limited.

Even if using a just create role to play these activities, but also with a capped role as useful. Each other the same the in-game can provide the best equipment and the same ability. Activities can provide players some interesting opportunity, as a game designer best pastimes: break things. These little game can let all players use the Guild Wars 2 the existing rules and methods, but change with different and interesting way to take. 

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