Your guide to MMOs at Gamescom 2013

Posted: 22nd August 2013 by admin in FFXIV Gil, FFXIV Guide
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Can you believe it, Gamescom is this week already! The massive trade show in Cologne, Germany, will run from August 21st to the 25th. Of course, if you’re reading this, then you have one pressing question in mind: Which MMO studios will be there, and what will they be talking about?

While we can’t answer the second part of that, we can give you a heads-up regarding the studio attendance. Hit us after the jump for the run-down of which studios will be there along with their Twitter handles because you just know that any big news from the show will be insta-tweeted two seconds later.

Red 5 Studios: Firefall

Twitter: @Firefall
Booths: Hall 4.1 booth C021 (business area), hall 8.1 booth A020 (entertainment area)
The studio will discuss the dynamic events, three new melding pockets, the Gamescom milestone, and more.

ZeniMax Online: The Elder Scrolls Online

Twitter: @TESOnline
Booths: Hall 4.1 booths A061 and B060 (business area), hall 9.1 booths A031 and B030 (entertainment area)
A playable demo of TESO will be present!
Bethesda will also have a merchandise stand.

Blizzard Entertainment: World of Warcraft, Diablo III, Hearthstone

Twitter: @Warcraft, @PlayHearthstone, @Diablo
Booths: Hall 5.1 booth B010 (business area), hall 7.1 booths C060l, C061, C043, C051, A060, B060, A061, C041, B061, C060, B051, C050, B041, and C040 (entertainment area)
There will be a “special announcement” at the show.
The team will have a community lounge on Friday and Saturday to meet with fans.

CCP Games: EVE Online, DUST 514

Twitter: @EveOnline, @Dust514
Booths: Hall 4.2 booths A041 and B032 (business area), hall 9.1 booth A040 (entertainment area)
The team’s throwing a party on the 23rd, although right now it’s first-come, first-served if you want to get in.

Cloud Imperium: Star Citizen

Twitter: (@RobertsSpaceInd)
Booths: Hall 4.1 booths A037 and B036 (business area)
Here’s another party if you’re a space jockey and you have the 24th freed up!

Carbine Studios: WildStar

Twitter: (@Carbine_Studios)
Booths: Hall 5.2 booth A040 (business area), hall 8.1 booth B030 (entertainment area)
The booth is “going to blow your mind.”
There’s also a happening party if you’re in the area.

Square-Enix: Final Fantasy XIV

Twitter: @FFXIV Gil
Booth: Hall 9.1 booth A057 (entertainment area)
Presentations, competitions, signings, and real-world loot for all!

Final fantasy XIV was near open beta, let’s wait and see what are the new changes.


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